Complete, one-day SEO training for in-house team

Learn how to drive massive traffic to your website. Get more customers online!

The only SEO course that comes with SEO audit, and uses your website as class case study

Course overview

Want to learn about SEO strategy but not sure where to start? MashWebby Comprehensive SEO training is here to cover that for you.

Our training can accelerate your SEO knowledge and build team’s capability to do SEO. Brief details:

  • Duration: One full-day 8 hours training
  • Location: On-site for in-house employees
  • Training Format: In-person with step-by-step SEO process explained

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Who should take this course?

We help you figure out if this training is right for you. You are going to love this training if you are:

  • Business owners looking to drive organic traffic and increase search visibility for their website
  • To skill-upgrade existing marketing team with the latest SEO techniques
  • To use this training as an on-boarding process for new team members
  • Anyone in the company who is tasked to update website and get more Google traffic, i.e. web programmer and content writers
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SEO course details – What you’ll learn

MashWebby SEO Training is the most comprehensive training syllabus ever created:

1. How Google Rank Your Website

  • Capture the latest 2017 SEO factors that make your website rank
  • Understand what bad practices in SEO to avoid so that Google will prefer your site to appear in search
  • Understand what causes Google to ignore your website and what to do about it

2. Keywords and Rankings

  • Find out what keywords your target customers are using to find your products/services
  • Evaluate the best keywords that can drive the most traffic to your website
  • Analyze the competitiveness of these keywords and prioritize accordingly

3. Reveal Competitor’s Ranking Secret

  • See exactly which keywords your competitors are targeting to achieve visibility on search
  • Find out what makes your competitors rank above you
  • Discover competitors SEO strategies and make it your ranking blueprint

4. Optimize Web Pages

  • Learn how to optimize your web pages or existing contents for search visibility
  • How to map the right keywords with the right on-page elements for your contents
  • Discover ways to optimize images to boost Google Image search visibility

5. Data Analytics and Webmaster Tools

  • Learn how to setup Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Learn to keep track of important KPIs using Google Analytics
  • How to improve search ranking using Google Search Console

6. Link Building and Social Media for SEO

  • Learn how to get high-reputation backlinks so that your website can gain irresistible trust from Google
  • Discover what backlinks your competitors are linking to and make it your target
  • Find out how to use social media to increase search visibility

7. Using Professional Seo Tools and Action Plan

  • Discover the top SEO tools used by top industry experts to drive SEO success
  • Create an SEO action plan and put your SEO knowledge into instant execution
  • Receive an SEO strategy template that help build the timeline of your search optimization plan

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Training instructor

Zoe Chew is a SEO trainer, founder and Digital Strategist at

Zoe specializes in the domain of digital marketing, SEO and utilizing analytics insights to increase success rate businesses attract, engage and convert their leads into paying customers.

She also advises companies of all sizes on digital marketing skills training such as SEO workshop for in-house employees.

With her fluent literacy in web technology, she is able to work well with both technical department and content marketing team during training workshop for her clients.

how onpage seo works

Our 5-Star Training Benefits

MashWebby delivers effective SEO training that is going to help your team learn and apply in their future website strategy

Free SEO audit for your website.

We provide you a free basic SEO audit for your website so that your team will understand where to get started and how to apply this training for future optimization.

Action coverage.

We will not leave you hanging. Our training syllabus comes with strategy templates that can guide your in-house for on-going implementation.

100% best practices.

We embrace the right way to do SEO. Meaning that we will not train using “black-hat” techniques or violate Google SEO guidelines.



Comprehensive training syllabus.

Nothing to hide in this training. We show you exactly what SEO tools you can use on daily basis. We explain the SEO process in step-by-step manner.

Crystal clear teaching style.

No algorithm theory or mumbo jumbo. We use plain language to deliver engaging SEO teaching, so that your team will have the confidence and strategy to get your website to the top of Google.

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Book this course today!

Interested to start this course? You’ll need just 3 steps away:

Step 1 – Pre-registration

Proceed to our Pre-registration form. You’ll need to provide us some basic information about your website and your organization.

Step 2 – Check availability

Once we are in touch, we will provide you a calendar about our trainer availability. You may discuss with your in-house team, and select your desired training date using the calendar to book your session.

Step 3 – Confirmation of training date

We will confirm your training request and booking date. Then, we will guide you to the next steps about some preparation prior to training workshop at your company office.

Course fees

Pricing includes 8 hours of training on-site at your company office, preparation of course materials, and basic audit for your website.

First Attendee

RM 2,800

one-time fee

This SEO course will cost RM 2,800 for the first participant from a single organization

Each Additional Attendee

RM 780

one-time fee

For each additional participant from a single organization, it will be charged at RM 780 per attendee.

*All payments will be billed in Malaysian Ringgit. Training booking is made available for customers within Malaysia only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions about our training course. You can also view full FAQs here

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

Basic understanding in navigating a website and using web search engine such as Google. Other than that, no pre-knowledge in SEO is required.

Our past clients find that although there are significant amount of new information in this course, they find it very easy to understand.

Our training approach is to explain technical terms using plain language, and guide them through hands-on actions.

What will I need to provide when training at my office?

We may request some basic setup of equipment from your company during the training session,

  • For space: A quiet environment or meeting room for training
  • For participants: Comfortable seating for attendees
  • For display: Projector to connect with trainer’s laptop. Alternatively, a large screen or white background for display
  • For connectivity: Power sockets and wireless Internet connection.



What do attendees need to bring?

We recommend each and every attendees to bring their laptop during the session. We will provide the training slides, materials and live demonstration during the training.

What is the duration of this training?

This is an 8-hour, one full-day training. It will be held during weekdays at your company office.

Do you provide this SEO course on weekends?

Unfortunately, we do not provide this course on weekends. You can book us to train at your company during office hours on weekdays, i.e. Monday to Friday.

Do you make changes on my website during training?

All changes to be made on your website such as improving the user experience, blog contents, etc. should be carried out in your own time after the course.

This can be done by yourself, or your web designers, content editors and programmers.

We do not provide this service or changes on the spot.