Full SEO Audit

Most comprehensive SEO audits to review your website and help you improve site rankings

What this SEO audit does?

Why your site lose traffic & rankings?

Each year, Google rolls out more than 500 algorithm changes that define the new ranking rules for your websites.

To rank high in Google, it’s necessary to meet all the requirements Google has set out to play. Going against it only means losing organic traffic, damage SEO rankings or worse getting banned by search engine.

Our in-depth analyses are going to help you identify SEO errors, and reveal opportunities you can attack to improve SEO. Therefore, we:

  • Check if your SEO strategy violating Google best practices that caused your website not to rank
  • Diagnose underlying causes for losing search traffic and how to get it back
  • Provide incredibly detailed strategy report to help you recover from search rankings drop

Who is this SEO audit for?

Designed for any business with in-house team

This SEO audit report is ideal for in-house team of any companies who is tasked with getting more traffic from Google and making website sales, such as:

  • Businesses who want to search for any possible SEO issues, i.e. technical, content and link analysis that could be causing their organic traffic drops or ranking drops
  • Companies looking to get SEO insights and action items developed by our SEO professional to further improve rankings
  • For internal technical department or content marketing team to use this SEO audit report – so they can execute SEO-friendly website improvement without making SEO mistakes in the future
  • Websites that haven’t done a professional SEO audit in the past, but now wish to focus on using SEO to get more customers from the Web

Our SEO audit process

What our website audit will tell you

We check and analyze hundreds of SEO metrics and data points to find out what your website is missing.

Here is what we are going to find out about Google disliking your website:

1. Find out technical issues that affect your site ranking

  • We clearly identify technical problems and site technology errors that often cause Google to ignore your website from getting crawled and indexed. These issues can potentially put a STOP signal for Google to rank your page.
  • We clearly highlight the technical changes that need to be made to meet Google SEO standard, and your technical department will be able to improve your website according to SEO best practices.

2. Check to see whether your contents are SEO-ready

  • Your content writers probably have been investing time and resources to update contents on your website. This include blog posts, product pages, resource pages, information pages and so on.
  • When we analyze your website, we look into how these contents are being optimized based on the latest Google ranking factors. And yes, we do check each and every SEO elements of your webpage.
  • We identify content areas where you can focus on using keywords placement (and not keyword spamming), so that you can increase search rankings the proper way.

3. Find out low-quality links pointing to your website

  • All low-quality, spam links and dead pages – when linked to your website, can potentially affect your ranking potential. These links can be coming from people linking your site, or it has done manually by the site owner.
  • We analyze the source of these backlinks and evaluate their quality.
  • Then we recommend ways to easily remove them in order to keep your website “healthy” from Google penalty.

4. Discover why your competitors rank better than you

  • We reveal the ranking “secrets” of your competitors.
  • From this SEO analysis, you will be able to gather a list of links that are pointing to your competitor’s website. These links are the ones that drive huge amount of searches to your competitors.
  • Using this data, you can begin to build backlinks for your website, by targeting the ones that your competitors are linked to.
  • Other competitors’ metrics we audit, including their top ranking keywords, main social media sources and type of contents that make them rank.

5. Discover high potential keywords that can drive traffic

  • We analyze how each of your top keywords are performing. We look at your industry and evaluate the keyword demand and their ranking difficulty.
  • Then, we set up list of keywords you should include on your pages to increase ranking position.

Deliverables in detail

What exactly will you get?

We aim to provide the best SEO audits that are fully packed with real values. We strive to make the best out of every penny you spent on our SEO report! Here’s what you’ll get from our comprehensive website audit:

  • Multi-page diagnostic PDF report. You receive SEO analyses and interpretation of your website. We clearly highlight SEO issues that have been affecting your site rankings.
  • Details to fix errors. For each of the SEO errors we identified, we outline action items to fix them using SEO best practices. We also provide recommendations to prevent these errors in the future.
  • Keyword placement map. We select the right keywords for you to attack for better rankings. Then, we create a “keyword map” to show you exactly where you can place these keywords to optimize your web contents.
  • Backlinks selection. We come out with a list of High Quality and authoritative backlinks you should acquire to get top rankings. We also highlight harmful backlinks pointing to your site, and show you how to remove them.
  • Competitors’ benchmark. We analyze your competitors and reveal their rankings secret. Then, we develop a competitors’ profile so you will see their SEO techniques, and how you can do the same.

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Our 5-Star quality

Sales-driven. Actionable. Google standard.

Our comprehensive SEO audit report is designed to deliver the insights needed to get more free traffic from Google.

Here’re some of the 5-star benefits of our SEO audit report:

  • More sales & leads. If you have products or services to sell on website, your website becomes your number ONE revenue-generator. Our report will help you discover how customers look for your business on search, which keywords they use and which terms are the most profitable for your business. Then we crafted SEO strategy based on that.
  • Reduce expenses. SEO is luring because it gives you “free” or “unpaid” traffic in the long-run. Our audit report gives you the “master key” to hold. That means, once your website gained SEO traction, you open the door for more online customers. All the while without having to rely spending on online advertising (when it gets too expensive!).
  • 100% Best Practices. We embrace the right way to do SEO, using only legitimate techniques and ethical marketing strategy. In our audit report, we will never recommend action items that has to do with “black-hat” techniques, shortcut to rankings or violate Google SEO guidelines. Because when you do that, your website will get penalized.
  • Great for long-term traffic growth. Our in-depth SEO report can serve as a high-end SEO checklist for your in-house programmer, web designer or content marketing department. With this detailed “checklist” in hand, your entire team will be able to implement strategy to optimize the website for long-term traffic acquisition.
  • Highly actionable. Based on the SEO errors that we discover, we show you the exact SEO fixes that you can implement to optimize your website to increase rankings. We provide real action steps, not some book-smart algorithm theory.
  • Crystal clear steps. We produce easy-to-read list of actions steps to improve your SEO. If you follow our recommendations, you’ll make progress toward site rankings. There’s nothing to hide in our audit reports. We’ll share our knowledge, experience and real SEO steps with you, so you know the performance of your SEO and how to improve it.

How to order?

3 easy steps

How it works? If you’re ready to buy our MashWebby SEO Audit Report, you’ll need just 3 steps away:

  • Step 1 – Give us site URLs. Choose your SEO audit package options below. Proceed to an Order Form before you can make payment. You’ll need to provide us with the URLs for this full website audit purpose.
  • Step 2 – Audit & optimization process. Once we receive payment, we will process your order. We carry out detailed analysis of your website, suggest action items to optimize and produce full reports.
  • Step 3 – Receive full SEO audit report. You will receive your detailed website audit reports that we send straight to your email.

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Plans and Pricing

Ready to get more Google search traffic, just hit “Order Now” button. Our audit comes with 3 options – Basic, Professional and Premium. The comparison table below easily summarizes packages difference in our SEO audit report, so you can compare based on your business needs.

All payments will be handled securely via PayPal. Pricing stated available until November 2017.

Technical SEO audit

Site structure review

Review xml sitemap

Potential redirect issues

Potential canonical issues

Search engine indexing

Site technologies

Potential code errors

Mobile optimization

Schema markup 

CSS & JavaScript resources

User experience (UX)

On-Site analysis

Page title analysis

Meta descriptions review

Heading tags analysis

Internal linking strategy

External linking strategy

Broken links

Content Quality

Keyword research

Rank tracking

Duplicate contents issues

Image optimization

Thin content review

Links Audit

Current links status

Domain authority analysis

Low quality links check

Backlink analysis

Link penalty risk audit

Anchor text distribution

Social signals imapct

Competitors' Analysis

No. of competitors

Top ranking keywords

Domain analysis

Backlink analysis

Social visibility

Traffic source analysis

Competitors' SEO profile


For small site audit

RM 2,399

one-time fee


For medium site audit

RM 5,499

one-time fee

100 keywords

3 competitors

20 keywords


For large site audit

RM 8,000++

one-time fee

200 keywords

5 competitors

50 keywords

Customer Buying Guide

Not sure which audit package is right for you? We’ve got you covered.

Basic Audit.

  • Basic Audit is designed to tell you where to get started, with specific SEO action items that are crafted to allow your website gain traction.
  • This audit allows you to build the foundation of your website strategy.
  • Ideal for website that has never done a professional SEO audit in the past. But now it’s time to find out the strength and weakness of your SEO so you can improve rankings.

Professional Audit.

  • Professional Audit comes with fully comprehensive assessment of your website such as competitors’ SEO and in-depth links analysis.
  • This audit allows you to see why your competitors rank where they do, and uncover highly complex issues about why your website doesn’t earn visibility in Google.
  • Ideal for websites that have been investing in SEO strategy; websites that encounter rankings drop or traffic loss – and want to recover from such plateau.

Premium Audit.

  • Premium Audit covers bigger dimensions of in-depth assessment of your website such as larger scope of website evaluation.
  • Ideal for complex websites such as multi-lingual structure; websites that have been investing in SEO strategy – but want to make sure future SEO opportunities are being well-addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions people often ask before buying OnPage SEO Boost.

What industry does this SEO audit work for?

Our SEO audit works with any industry, as long as they have their own existing website – in English laguage.

The only difference is, different business industry have different case, such as keywords, keyword competition, ranking difficulty, etc.

We will cover this part with our expertise.

Do I need to sign any contract?

There’s no contract when you buy this SEO audit. You can place order based on your budget.

What if I have multiple websites?

Each of the above package options only apply to auditing 1 website URL of your own (excluding competitor’s website analysis).

If you have 5 different websites you need to audit, you’ll need to place your order separately.

How can I order?

First, choose your SEO audit options. Before you proceed to payment, you will need to fill in an Order Form where we will collect URLs you want for this website audit.



How can I pay?

You can buy MashWebby SEO Audit securely with PayPal – in a few seconds after choosing your package options.

How long will it take to deliver my SEO audit report?

Once we receive payment, we’ll send you a confirmation email (receipt). We will deliver your report within 7 working days for Basic SEO audit; 12 working days for Professional SEO Audit.

This is because all of our SEO analysis and recommendation reports are carried out specifically for your website, for your case, for your industry.

Do you provide support to make changes on my website?

Majority of these clients who purchased this audit have in-house team to help them implement the SEO fixes based on this audit report they’ve purchased.

However, if you would like for additional support (i.e. consultation, advice, workshop, training course), we can arrange this at separate cost.

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