This Excel Template Reveals How To Optimize Contents for Google SEO

The Ultimate SEO Audit Template for Content Optimization!

Ever wonder why Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin and Brian Dean always recommend you to optimize your contents for SEO ranking?

Because Google algorithm prefers to rank contents that use relevant keywords and on-page optimization.

Truth be told, most websites that get ranked highly on the 1st page has done on-page SEO.

Before you scratch your head…

On-page SEO takes into account of all Web elements such as URL, page title, headings, images, content, etc.

When optimize thoroughly, you’ll be able to improve rankings and drive traffic from Google.

Talking about non-paid traffic, free all-year-long!

THEREFORE, we created this Excel Template that covered ALL these details.

We come out with this ONE-PAGE WONDER that allows you to SEO-check your content marketing like a rock star:

  • 42-point content SEO checklist
  • On-page SEO ranking factor explained
  • Easy drop-down for SEO audit work
  • Include SEO best practices & recommendation
  • Keyword maps to help you place SEO keywords properly

on-page seo audit checklist template download 4

Awesomeness overload! You’ll love this template because…

#1 Forgive your mistakes

We all have done mistakes in our life, including Search Engine Optimization.

Don’t blame yourself for that. SEO has so much factors to take care of.

It takes expertise to get it right.

Hence, this Excel template is made to forgive your SEO mistakes:

  • you might be using old SEO techniques that Google penalize
  • you might be missing out these SEO criteria when writing contents
  • you might have caused visitors to leave your website because of these on-page issues
on page seo factors

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#2 Full on-page checklist

This Excel template has covered the most complete on-page SEO checklist.

Total 42 of them!

Plus useful mouse-over tips to guide your SEO process.

Even you have little knowledge about SEO content optimization.

on-page seo audit checklist template download 1

[Preview: SEO Audit Template for Content Optimization]

#3 SEO keywords map

Keywords are important in on-page SEO.

We make this template to include Keyword Map section.

It guides you to conduct SEO keywords research + keywords placement…

Which means placing the right keywords (search queries) at the right place with the right usage.

And fully optimize your keywords across your web contents such as blog posts and articles.

on-page seo audit checklist template download 2

[Preview: SEO Audit Template for Content Optimization]

#4 Compare SEO fixes

This is how you can avoid content SEO mistakes.

We carefully crafted on-page SEO recommendation inside this Excel template.

You can compare side-by-side along with your SEO-checking effort.

Simply one-page wonder. On-page SEO wonder!

These are SEO best practices used by Neil Patel himself too!

on-page seo audit checklist template download 3

[Preview: SEO Audit Template for Content Optimization]

#5 One-click export

Are you optimizing contents for your own site or clients’ website?

Then this SEO audit template is your buddy!

You can edit, mark and save this template.

And export into PDF version.

Send this PDF to update your agency clients about content SEO status and progress.

Share your audit status with your content writers, colleagues, or freelancers.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

on-page seo audit checklist template download 4

[Preview: SEO Audit Template for Content Optimization]

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You can confidently optimize your contents for Google SEO..

One-page wonder. On-page SEO wonder!

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on-page seo audit checklist template download 4


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