FAQ: SEO Training Course

List of frequently asked questions people may have regarding our SEO training program (in-house). If you have other questions beyond this page, please contact us for more details.

What are the pre-requisites for this SEO training?

Basic understanding in navigating a website and using web search engine such as Google.

Other than that, no pre-knowledge in SEO is required.

Our past clients find that although there are significant amount of new information in this course, they find it very easy to understand.

Our training approach is to explain technical terms using plain language, and guide them through hands-on actions.

How actionable is the course?

10/10 highly actionable.

During the training, you’re going to implement the SEO strategies using some of the professional SEO software and tools.

At the end of the training, you will be asked to create a SEO action plan for future SEO implementation.

What do attendees need to bring?

We recommend each and every attendees to bring their laptop during the session. As we will provide the live demonstration of different SEO tools during the workshop session.

What will I need to provide when training at my office?

We may request some basic setup of equipment from your company during the training session,

  • For space: A quiet environment or meeting room for training
  • For participants: Comfortable seating for attendees
  • For display: Projector to connect with trainer’s laptop. Alternatively, a large screen or white background for display
  • For connectivity: Power sockets and wireless Internet connection

How will you conduct this SEO training?

We provide step-by-step SEO processes and software walkthrough during the training. It is a hardcore session mix with workshop training style.

That being said, we encourage our participants to ask questions and test their skills on the spot.

Will you conduct this training using SEO best practices?

100% best practices.

We embrace the right way to do SEO, meaning that we will not advocate “black-hat” SEO strategies, or techniques that will violate Google SEO guidelines during the training.

We will not teach you any “shortcut to rank” that will eventually get your website penalized by search engine.

How do I book this training?

Please proceed to our Pre-Registration form for this training. Once we’re in touch, we will confirm with you about our trainer’s availability.

Can I expense this course in my business?

Many of our clients usually write it off as a training expense for their business.

What is the duration of this training?

This is an 8-hour, one full-day training. It will be held during weekdays at your company office.

Do you provide this SEO course on weekends?

Unfortunately, we do not provide this course on weekends. You can book us to train at your company during office hours on weekdays, i.e. Monday to Friday.

Who will be my training instructor?

Your training instructor, Zoe Chew.

She will conduct the course program, answer any questions you may have, and provide personal assistance on software walkthrough during the live training.

Click here for instructor profile and details.

Will you sell any programs or services during the SEO training?

This training session will be fully utilized for teachings and workshop for your in-house employees.

We will not use this training course as a backdoor to upsell you our digital marketing or any other website products. Only if you ask us to.

Will you provide continuous support after the training?

Our past participants find the course is comprehensive enough to let them execute SEO strategies on their own. So usually additional support is not needed.

However, if you think you need additional support after the training, (i.e. consultation, keyword tracking, SEO services) – we will provide these services at a separate cost.