FAQ: Full SEO Audit

List of frequently asked questions people may have regarding our Full SEO Audit products. If you have other questions beyond this page, please contact us for more details.

Who is this SEO audit for?

  • Small to medium-sized companies with lean and sufficient in-house technical or content marketing team.
  • In-house professionals who are tasked to improve company’s website (or your Clients’ website) or generate blog contents on regular basis in order to get more traffic from Google.
  • By getting our SEO audit report, your team will be able to follow the action items we provide, and maximize their effort to improve search rankings.

Who is this SEO audit NOT for?

  • Large, multi-national organizations with their in-house SEO experts and custom software to do SEO audit
  • New startups/solo business seeking $9.99 dollars SEO solutions for their website
  • Mini Ma and Pa business owners with no basic understanding on using web search
  • DIY marketer who wants to study themselves about SEO in order to save money
  • Budgets less than $600 (our audit products range from $695 – $2989)

What industry does this SEO audit work for?

Our SEO audit works with any industry, as long as they have their own existing website – in English language.

The only difference is, different business industry have different SEO requirements, such as keywords, keyword competition, ranking difficulty, etc.

We will cover this part with our expertise.

How this SEO audit actually works?

Imagine your in-house employees have been putting time and effort in writing blog posts and modifying the web design, in a hope to get more search traffic.

When you buy this SEO audit, you put your in-house resources to work more effectively. It’s like a “handbook” to your in-house team.

Because our detailed SEO report will highlight things they should stop doing that would affect site rankings.

Even better, this report will show them exactly the SEO best practices, when updating website contents, listing your products to website, and changing site layout.

Do you provide support to make changes on my website?

Our existing clients have gained crystal clear ideas on how to move on with their SEO strategy after buying this report.

Majority of these clients who purchased this audit have in-house resources to help them implement the SEO fixes.

So usually on-going support is not needed. However, if you feel that you need further assistance after purchase of this report, we can arrange this at additional cost.

Is there a long-term contract with MashWebby?

This SEO audit report is a one-time fee with no subsequent recurring payment.

We do not provide monthly engagement at the moment, due to the effectiveness we’ve seen by providing such “solution” for companies with sufficient in-house team.

However, you can request additional support (if needed), such as consultation or training at separate cost.

Will I get “generic” SEO recommendations?

Absolutely not!

All in-depth analyses and action items will be developed by our SEO professionals. We tailor your SEO action steps specifically for your case, your business and your industry.

How do I pay?

You can buy MashWebby SEO Audit securely with PayPal – in a few seconds after choosing your package options.

How long will it take to deliver my report?

Once we receive payment, we’ll send you a confirmation email (receipt). We will deliver your report within 7 working days for Basic SEO audit.

Other packages will take longer (please refer to pricing table). This is because all of our SEO analysis and recommendation reports are carried out specifically for your website, for your case, for your industry.

What does this SEO audit report cover?

You can find out more by reading the deliverable details and pricing plan on the product page