Digital Marketing Training Course

Execute real digital marketing campaigns. Drive traffic, leads and conversions.



Digital Marketing Live Training

Comprehensive Digital Marketing workshops designed to help your team and business owners to do 3 things: drive targeted traffic, generate sales leads and online conversions.

This full-range training can accelerate in-house capability to implement real online campaigns on ongoing basis. Our course transforms your team into results-focused and data-driven human resources.

  • Program: Multi-Day Workshop vs. One-Full-Day Workshop on specific module
  • Location: Train at your company with your team
  • Time: Each module is 8-hour long, 10AM to 6PM on weekend
  • Format: Workshop style, use of marketing tools and hands-on application of knowledge

What Skills Will You Learn?

  1. To create, design and execute marketing campaigns from scratch
  2. To drive traffic to company website and sell products using paid ads
  3. To become savvy at online channels and reach to potential customers
  4. To make use of top marketing tools in order to analyze marketing performance


Do you need a full-stack digital marketing course (multi-day workshops)? Or a training on specific topic (one-day module)? Each standalone module costs RM 7,500 per company for 10 to 20 participants. Choose your modules below and book your training with us. All classes will be held on every Saturday, 10AM to 6PM.

Training fees include:

  1. Comprehensive, actionable digital marketing syllabus
  2. Free digital marketing audit for your business
  3. Free digital marketing templates
  4. Education on top online marketing tools


Module 1 – Search Engine Optimization Complete Course

Session 1: Competitors’ SEO analysis and keyword research

  • Google SEO ranking signals in 2018
  • Google SEO penalties and how to avoid
  • Reveal competitors ranking secrets through competitive analysis
  • Research new keywords opportunities for your website

Session 2: Onpage SEO and content optimization

  • Optimize onpage elements of website (I.E. headings, images, anchor text)
  • Setup Google Webmaster tool and using it to analyze SEO issues
  • Content marketing and blogging strategy for SEO

Session 3: Link building and offpage SEO

  • Learn to build high-reputation backlinks and gain rankings
  • Discover your competitors backlinks
  • Using social media as part of SEO strategy
  • Develop SEO action plan for ongoing success

Send WhatsApp to Zoe @ +6012 2494 179 for bookings & arrangement

Module 2 – Facebook Ads Complete Course

Session 1: Create Ads campaign from scratch

  • Structure campaigns, ad sets and ads using Ads Manager tool
  • Select campaign objectives to match business goals
  • Create different campaigns based on conversion journey

Session 2: Ads audience and targeting options

  • Research new audience in Audience Insights
  • Interests targeting based on buyers’ persona
  • Ads placement targeting

Session 3: Facebook pixels and advanced targeting

  • Install Facebook Pixels on website
  • Create custom audience
  • Create lookalike audience
  • Create retargeting ads campaigns

Session 4: Ads creation and management

  • Ads image format
  • Ads design and ideal photo size
  • Ads copywriting, headlines and descriptions
  • Managing Ads using Power Editor

Session 5: Optimize ads performance and analytics

  • Track Facebook ad campaigns in Google Analytics
  • Analyze ad performance based on key metrics
  • A/B testing ads to optimize ad ROIs

Send WhatsApp to Zoe @ +6012 2494 179 for bookings & arrangement

Module 3 – Google Analytics Tracking Complete Course

Session 1: Master web analytics and metrics

  • Installing and navigate the tool thoroughly
  • Learn to analyze traffic source, behaviors and user engagement
  • Translate website KPIs into business dollar sense

Session 2: Advanced custom tracking for campaigns data

  • Create custom campaigns tracking for all marketing activities
  • Create conversion goals that matter in digital marketing
  • Create filters and custom reports

Session 3: Integrate Google AdWords and Tag Manager

  • Create holistic data view in GA
  • Create event tracking via Google Tag Manager
  • Extra data into Excel + basic data visualization

Send WhatsApp to Zoe @ +6012 2494 179 for bookings & arrangement

Module 4 – MailChimp Email Marketing Complete Course

Session 1: Components of high performing email marketing

  • Type of email campaigns for different goals
  • Design email template and include key components
  • Send the right emails through list segmentation

Session 2: Close more sales with lifecyle marketing

  • Master email marketing funnels
  • Nurture leads through lifecycle emails
  • Email scheduling and automation

Session 3: Optimize email marketing performance

  • Email marketing tracking and analytics
  • Analyze performance based on important KPIs
  • Strategy to improve open rates and click rates

Send WhatsApp to Zoe @ +6012 2494 179 for bookings & arrangement

Your Instructor

– Zoe Chew
Co-founder, Digital Marketer

Zoe specializes in the domain of digital marketing and utilizing data-driven method to increase success rate businesses attract, engage and convert their leads into paying customers. She helps companies to launch marketing campaigns, provides digital education and consultation to help them succeed.

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Client Reviews

– Sivanathan Subramaniam
Founder, Cyber Intelligence Sdn Bhd

“With her training, now my whole team is at least equipped with the knowledge and skill-sets to do SEO ourselves and even if we engage a consultant in the future we will be able to validate their work.”

– Raj Kumar Kunhiraman
CEO, Cyber Intelligence Sdn Bhd

“Many thanks for your insightful and effective training style. Never thought we would be able to absorb so much in such a short time.”

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