Free Download: Digital Marketing KPIs Template

Use this template to track performance and optimize all your digital marketing campaigns


What gets measured, gets improved. To get a sense on whether your marketing tactics are paying off the returns – monitoring marketing metrics become important in your business.

By creating a specific set of marketing KPIs, you will get to track and measure the performance of each marketing campaign. Luckily, you don’t need to figure out these KPIs by yourself.

Our free template covers 6 categories of marketing channel KPIs:
Growth metrics, social media marketing, website traffic, email marketing, paid advertising and SEO optimization.

Therefore, this template allows you to:

  • Optimize marketing performance across all platforms
  • Determine which campaigns provide the highest results
  • Become data-driven and use data to make better decision
  • Summarize overall marketing growth and share it with investors

You can customize this Excel spreadsheet however you see fit for your own marketing team or your organization.

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