Digital Marketing Online Bootcamp 2018

14 live classes delivered by real instructor with live Q&A.
Grow your digital marketing results & get more online sales!



About Digital Marketing Online Bootcamp:

A 5-week private online training bootcamp, total 14 live classes, 3 sessions per week (2 hours per session), conducted through live webinar by real instructor, accessible at the comfort of your office with your team members

Who should enroll this bootcamp?

Ideal for business owners/marketers looking to grow an existing business, develop the skills to launch effective digital marketing campaigns, upskill existing marketing team, or onboard new team members

What you’ll learn?

– Create and launch digital marketing campaigns across paid and organic channels
– Utilize various analytics tools to perform tracking and A/B testing
– Set up landing page and email marketing funnel to generate recurring revenues
– Optimize user experience to boost website conversions & sales


Basic understanding of using social media, online navigation, web search and browser. Other than that, this bootcamp is suitable for all levels.

Why you should take this course?

Pay the price of ONE bootcamp, share it with your entire team members! Save $90,000 of annual agency fees by implementing digital marketing campaigns at lowest cost possible!


Most detailed, up-to-date syllabus ever created
based on 2018 Digital Marketing Trends


Are you using the latest digital marketing techniques?

According to, modern digital marketing is getting more data-driven and relying on cross-platform integration strategy. To create high-impact digital marketing campaigns, your business will need to utilize the right analytics tool to understand your customer better. Automation in digital marketing is required so that you can scale your marketing effort. People no longer buying into gimmicks; they buy into story. Therefore, increasing customer engagement on social media marketing is crucial – rather than simply pouring in your marketing budget. Did we mention we will cover all these aspects in our online bootcamp? Yes, you hear that right!



MashWebby Digital Marketing Online Curriculum


Session 1 – Understand digital marketing funnels, metrics and KPIs

  • The complete digital marketing ecosystem and full landscape explained
  • Discover AARRR growth funnel: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral
  • Define each metrics at each stage of your marketing funnel

Session 2 – Define your target audience, market research & usability testing

  • Conduct market research and understand your audience needs
  • Create a digital persona profile, understanding buyers’ persona and buying journey
  • Validate your product/features offerings using usability testing

Session 3 – Web analytics, Google Analytics and data tracking

  • Set up Google Analytics and master data analytics skills
  • Advanced custom setting in Google Analytics to understand users’ engagement
  • Explore alternative options for Google Analytics

Session 4 – Content marketing, generate 10x website traffic via blogging

  • Research the best keywords for your blog post
  • Optimize content SEO to be on top of Google rankings
  • Distribute your contents to get maximum traffic to your website

Session 5 – Using social media marketing to boost traffic and online branding

  • Discover 5 major social media channels businesses can tap into for more customers
  • Understand their characteristics and best practices of using them
  • Types of contents and customer engagement strategy for different social media platforms

Session 6 – Social media automation, analytics, tracking and ROI measurement

  • Set up and learn to automate your social media posting
  • Define the primary social media metrics
  • Set up UTM to track source analysis

Session 7 – Facebook paid advertising and campaign setup

  • Create, design and launch a FB Ad campaign from scratch
  • Create ad copywriting and utilizing images, colors, headlines on ads
  • Test and measure FB ads efficiency

Session 8 – Google paid advertising and campaign setup

  • Create, design and launch Google Adwords campaign from scratch
  • Understand keyword research using Keyword Planner and other tools
  • Create ad copywriting and utilizing headlines on ads

Session 9 – Lead generation, create more sales-ready leads

  • Create a lead generation campaign to increase email database
  • Learn to design landing page, lead magnets and calls-to-action strategy
  • Learn to set up opt-in triggers across your website

Session 10 – Copywriting, write sales pitch that converts

  • How to write for your target audience and buyer’s persona
  • Proven copywriting formula: A (attention), I (interest), D (desire), A (action)
  • Create copywriting for website landing pages

Session 11 – Website conversions, user experience (UX) and A/B testing

  • Set up conversion goals, campaigns and track conversion rates
  • Understand UX/UI best practices to increase conversions rate
  • Set up A/B testing software and design UX testing campaigns for optimization

Session 12 – Email marketing, life-cycle email and lead nurturing

  • Create email marketing campaigns and utilizing best practices in copywriting
  • Set up, send, track and manage campaigns in MailChimp
  • Create drip email to close more sales with automated trigger emails

Session 13 – Performance tracking, KPIs and reporting for team members

  • Define KPIs for each and every digital marketing channels
  • Set up tools and mechanism to track these data
  • Set up reporting strategy for internal use

Session 14 – How to execute the full digital marketing cycles in 5 day

  • Let’s go through the full digital marketing workflow
  • Using Google Design Sprint concept to run your 5-Day marketing sprint
  • Create your digital marketing timeline execution plan for internal use


Training instructor

Zoe Chew is the founder and digital marketing trainer at MashWebby. She has developed useful online products to help agency and business owners to get more customers.

Zoe specializes in the domain of digital marketing, SEO and utilizing analytics insights to increase success rate businesses attract, engage and convert their leads into paying customers.

She also advises companies of all sizes on digital marketing skills training – including live workshop for in-house employees and online training bootcamp.

With her fluent literacy in web technology, she is able to work well with technical-driven web strategy as well as data-driven approach in digital marketing.

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What you’ll get



14 Master Classes

Private online session, one-on-one basis with real expert showing you the ins and outs about digital marketing


Live Q&A

Not another “pre-record” video course – our expert will walk you through any questions you may have during each training session


Recorded Video

Recorded video of your online workshop, privately shared on MashWebby’s YouTube channel for sharing with your team!


Exclusive PDF Resources

Checklist, spreadsheet, reporting and strategy template – everything you need to grow your digital marketing results


Real Campaign Setup

Not another “talking without doing” – we show you steps to create customer action funnels and set up the most powerful marketing tools



We demonstrate data-driven approach in our syllabus – which means we show you how to track and measure key metrics to improve digital marketing results



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Pricing includes:

14 online sessions x 2 hours 

Full online bootcamp syllabus

1-on-1 campaign setup

Personalized KPIs setting

Live Q&A & coaching

PDF resources and materials

Access to recorded videos

One-time course fees

Early Bird Promo

RM 5,152

or USD 88 (RM 368) session

Standard Booking


or USD 96 (RM 399) per session

Standalone Class

RM 409

or USD 99 per session

Choose 1 class only

Choose 1 class only


Click “Sign Up Now” button to bypass a registration form. You can register the bootcamp and pay for course admission securely via PayPal. Once we receive payment, we will reach out to the next steps. Your training session will start according to the training date above.

Frequently Asked Questions


How actionable is the course?

Yes, 10/10 highly actionable. Before the training, we take a deep look into your business so that we can deliver the most relevant guidance for you. During the training, you’re going to create and launch your digital marketing campaigns using some of the professional marketing platform and tools. At the end of the training, you will be mentored and coached to set up your marketing strategy plan, timeline to implement, goals, KPIs and more.

What is so special about this course?

MashWebby Digital Marketing Online Bootcamp offers more than just knowledge learning. Each bootcamp session includes real marketing campaigns creation, expert mentorship, live Q&A, instant walkthrough, hands-on workshop, etc. Our training is not pre-recorded which means we always get to answer specific questions unique to your business situations. This bootcamp also integrates “lean” thinking, data-driven approach and Google Design Sprint in your digital marketing.

Can’t I just learn this through other online course?

Although we like the idea of online course platform, pre-recorded video course always has its limitation:
– Want to ask questions and get live Q&A? Oops, sorry.
– Want to get immediate feedback about the landing page you created? Nope.
– Want to get advice relevant to your business case? Too bad.

What are the pre-requisites for this online course?

Basic understanding of using social media, online navigation, web search and browser. Other than that, this bootcamp is suitable for all levels.

What industry does this digital marketing course work for?

This online training bootcamp is suitable for all types of businesses: SaaS, tech startup, digital product, physical product, service, B2B, B2C. No technical experience or audience required. You’ll learn how grow your audience base from the ground up!

What do I need to prepare before the training?

We recommend our students to have their laptop connected to Internet. You will be given credentials to log in to your online webinar account – prior to our training sessions.

Can I share the webcast with my team members?

Yes, absolutely. For the price of ONE bootcamp payment, you can share the entire online training sessions with all your team members.

Who will be my training instructor?

Your training instructor – Zoe Chew. She will conduct the course program, answer any questions you may have, and provide personal assistance on software walkthrough during the live training. Click here for instructor profile and details.

Can I expense this course in my business?

Yes. Many of our clients usually write it off as a training expense for their business.

Will this training interfere my daily business operations?

No. This training will be conducted through live webinar from 7PM to 9PM, 3 sessions per week, 2 hours per session. You will only set aside 6 hours per week for this learning. If you prefer a different training time, please let us know.

Do you provide this online course on weekends?

Yes, we do provide this course on weekends. You can book your online training sessions during Monday to Sunday – from 10 AM to 7PM.

Will you provide continuous support after the training?

This course is designed to accelerate your ability to launch effective digital marketing campaign. So usually additional support is not needed. However, if you think you need additional support after the training, (i.e. consultation, content writing, agency services) – we will provide these services at a separate cost.

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