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8 Free Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Gaining in-depth information and insights about your customers, marketplace and competitors is the key to growing your business to the next level.

Fortunately, there are number of tools and web services that can give you these data without having to break the bank.

Whether you are a marketer, startup founder or business coach selling products via the Internet. We recommend to you these 8 tools you can use in your digital marketing campaigns:

1. Pexels

Free stock photo

Pexels is the place where you can find beautiful, high-quality, and high-resolution free stock photos to spice up your blog posts, visual content production and social media marketing campaigns.

free stock photo by pexel

2. SEO Quake

Keyword research

SEOquake is a free browser plugin that provides real time SEO audit for your website. Once installed, you can analyze inbound & outbound links, as well as comparing domains & URL in real time.

seo quake


URL Shortener

Using you can create shorter URLs that can be easily read and shared across multiple social media channels. For marketers, you can customize the URLs to better fit into conversion tracking purposes.

bit ly

4. Page Ruler

Web designer tool

A free Chrome extension plugin. This tool allows you to draw on web pages, measure on screen area and obtain pixel dimension, width, height and position of it. An ideal extension for graphic designer and web developer!

page ruler

5. Open Site Explorer

Backlink research

Another great tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analysis. When enter URL in OSE, you can analyze backlinks, inbound & outbound links, anchor text, broken links and top pages.

moz ose

6. Similar Web

Web analytics

A great tool for web analytics. SimilarWeb gives you in-depth information such as site ranking, traffic sources and competitors analysis. With these data, you can measure yourself against other online companies.

similar web

7. XML-Sitemaps

Sitemap generator

Use this online tool to generate XML sitemaps for your website so that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo can easily index your blogs for better search visibility.
sitemap generator

8. Facebook Grid Tool

Facebook marketing

Facebook uses 20% text overlay rule, meaning that they will disapprove ad images with too much text on it. To pass this requirement, simply upload your ad images with Grid Tool to see if your adverts are good fit.

facebook grid tool

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